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Rule of Professional Conduct 7.2(j) has to be looked at by any lawyer who is thinking of engaging such a firm. Rule 7.2(j) reads as follows: “A lawyer shall not, directly or indirectly, (whether through an advertising cooperative or otherwise) pay all or in part of the cost of an advertisement by a lawyer not in the same firm or by any for profit entity other than the lawyer’s firm, unless the advertisement discloses the name and principle office address of each lawyer or law firm involved in paying for the advertisement and if any lawyer or law firm will receive referrals from the advertisement, the circumstances under which referrals will be made and a basis and criteria on which the referral system operates.” Comment 13 to that Rule states as follows: “Paragraph J prohibits lawyers and law firms from paying advertising costs of independent lawyers or other lawyers unless disclosures are made in the advertising of the name and address of each paying lawyer or law firm as well as the business relationship between the paying parties and the advertising parties.” Comment 13 expands further on this advertisement and requires cooperative arrangements to make disclosures of the criteria of the lawyers participating and how the cases will be referred.  Such referrals could also be considered to violate Rule 5.4, prohibiting sharing a fee with a nonlawyer. Depending on how the client pays the advertising agency, that could violate also Rule 1.15. If a fee is not earned, it is supposed to be held in escrow. If the advertising cooperative takes the fee and holds it until a lawyer does the work, again it is not being held in escrow. It seems that many of these advertising groups are now reaching the point where they almost wish to share the fees with the lawyers or have some form of fee-sharing. One of the more recent ethics opinions was by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Legal Ethics Committee. That opinion is titled “2016-200,” and deals with these fixed-fee matters. In that opinion, the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Legal Ethics Committee found that arrangement would violate 5.4(a) involving sharing of fees with nonlawyers if the client paid the fee to the for-profit entity, even though that fee was ultimately sent to the lawyer when the work was performed.

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